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About Us | Cabell County Community Services Organization

The objective of the Cabell County Community Services Organization, Inc. (CCCSO) shall be the:

  1. Planning, developing, financing, and operating economic and health care programs beneficial to the needs of the citizens of Cabell County including but not limited to the low-income, elderly, and/or handicapped residents in such endeavors as economic development, health care, health education, welfare, transportation, and such other programs that may be included hereafter.
  2. Consulting with and advising local, regional, and state agencies in planning matters affecting county residents; also, entering into agreements with units of government and private agencies to provide services, especially for the low-income, medical needy, elderly and/or handicapped.
  3. Acting as a “Community Focal Point” for the coordination of a range of services.
  4. Developing and administering multipurpose senior citizen centers.
  5. Developing and promoting cooperative relationships with other allied organizations, agencies, and programs interested in the needs and aspirations of the citizens of Cabell County including but not limited to the county’s low-income, elderly, handicapped citizens and medically needy.
  6. Developing and administering such rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines as may be necessary to carry out the objectives consistent with local, state, and federal laws and grant/contract agreements entered into by the organization.

Among the major activities carried out are:

  • Determining the needs and wants of the citizens of Cabell County including but not limited to the low-income, handicapped, elderly and medical needy.
  • Raising funds to secure local matching monies for federal grants/contracts;
  • Giving preferential consideration to those with the greatest social and economic needs in the development of services.
  • Participating in training to improve the capabilities of the organization in carrying out its functions.
  • Engaging in such other legal and related activities as may be in harmony with organization objectives.
  • Acting as an advocate in promoting the interests of low-income, elderly, and/or handicapped residents.
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