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Board of Directors | Cabell County Community Services Organization

Executive Members

  • Executive Director – Charles Holley
  • President – Jim Morgan
  • Vice President – Bob Bailey (Elks Club)
  • Secretary – Naomia Turner (Marie Redd Center)
  • Treasurer – Janet Artrip (Barboursville Lion’s Club)

General Members

  • Charlie Conard (Milton Senior Center)
  • Diane Foreman (Salt Rock Senior Center)
  • Brian Byrd (Rep for YMCA)
  • Robert Jackson (Rep for Mayor of Milton)
  • Lynda Collins (Underwood Senior Center)
  • Dolly Rozzi (Rep for AARP)
  • Lisa Riley, (Mayor of Huntington Representative)
  • Paul Davis, (Representative for TTA)
  • Teresa Sexton, (Representative for Cabell Huntington Hospital)
  • Irv Johnson, (Cabell County Assessor)
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