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April Highlights

April 1 – Fairfield East Health South Comes.
April 2 – Underwood Center St Marys “Parkinsons”.
April 9 – Milton Center Monthly Luncheon.
April 10 – Underwood Senior Center Covered Dish.
April 15 – Underwood Senior Center Adv Brd.
April 15 – Marie Redd Center ,WV Nutrition Program.11:00 AM
April 17 – Marie Redd Center, WV State Police Will Provide Safety Tips For Seniors
When Shopping Or Home Alone. 11:00 AM
April 18 – Fairfield East Out To Lunch (Cam’s Ham) 10:30AM
April 19 – Salt Rock Covered Dish
April 22 – Marie Redd Center, The Problem Gambler Network Of WV. 11:00 AM

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