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2013 WV Robert Jackson Conference for Seniors

“Unleash the Power of Age”

In 2011, I attended my first WV Robert Jackson Conference at Cedar Lakes in Ripley. I was so impressed with all the classes to attend, the multiple activities and the food galore (which was out of this world). I thought it was so well organized.

The conference this year, with the theme “Unleash the Power of Age”, was a blue ribbon conference for sure. Not one second was wasted. Upon arrival, we were greeted with (you said it) food. An all-out fabulous picnic with serenading of bluegrass, ragtime piano, barbershop quartet and dancing on the grass was the perfect beginning of the 2013 state senior conference.

The Salt Rock Senior Center gang went directly to a class on getting fit. WoW! What a fun and learning experience we had, all at the same time, and it was directly after lunch. Perfect timing! Yeah!.

Four of the Salt Rock Senior Center gang joined the choir to sing and Lillian Byrd, pianist from the 14th Street West center played the first evening. We all had a great time singing with Donnie Gresby, the Director from Charleston.

Greg White, a former MU basketball coach gave us a great motivational and inspirational speech of how to become part of “The Winning Edge” with love, planning, thinking, and creating and having outcomes. He also shared his five C’s of success: Communication, Costume to Listen, Character, Challenges and Continue to Strive!

The musical entertainment as great throughout the conference, but the best of all was on Thursday night with the Mark IV performing. We had loads of fun dancing to the 50’s and 60’s music, along with country music.

If you have never represented Cabell County before, I urge you to make plans to attend next May, 2014, at Cedar Lakes. The beauty of the surroundings is breathtaking, the food is great and there are many recreational activities to attend that are outstanding. The classes are enlightening and magnificent, along with the music to sooth your nerves; all this made for a spectacular conference. I guarantee, you will enjoy the conference next year for learning and a great time!

Patricia Porter
Salt Rock Senior Center

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