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Spring Activities to do with Senior Citizens

Spring Fun with Seniors

By Betty Malone, Yahoo! Contributer Network on March 13, 2009

Spring is that time of year when all of us begin to feel rejuvenated by the hint of warmer weather. Make time to take your senior for a walk, looking for the signs of spring all around, lawns turning green, new growth on the tress and perhaps even some spring flowers peeking out from their winter cover.

Gardening Activities

Gardening can be as simple as taking some flower seeds, like zinnias and putting potting soil and seeds in a pretty pot and waiting with them for the plant to emerge. How their plants are growing is a good topic of conversation.
Gathering cut flowers like daffodils and tulips and having your senior arrange them in vases is an easy afternoon activity. Sometimes, the florist shop will even “donate” old flowers for a very low fee for senior nursing home facilities. Engage them in conversation.

Other Ideas for Spring Gardening Activities:

Visit a local nursery with your senior. Just looking at the beautiful bounty of plants is stimulating and enjoyable. Make a gardening calendar that has specific dates and duties placed on it…(ie…when to plant tomatoes). Help the senior take photos of their plants as they grow for a garden photo album for them to look at next winter.

Some Simple Ideas for Other Spring Related Activities:

  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making cupcakes together and icing them green.
  • Make a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal and have green tablecloths.
  • Sit on the porch and listen for specific sounds of spring.
  • Do some easy spring cleaning….sort junk drawers and place in containers or jars.
  • Die Easter Eggs with their grandchildren.
  • Help them put away winter clothes and get out spring clothes.
  • Visit a local farm to see the baby animals.
  • Clean up the yard together (walk and help pick up sticks, gently rake).
  • Engaging with seniors who have aging and disease problems can be wonderful fun and bring joy to both the senior and yourself.

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Leesa Cooper · April 9, 2013 at 7:40 pm

Thank you for the great ideas. I am a caregiver and am always looking for new activities.

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