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November Highlights

November 6 – MRSLEC Closed, Voting Site, USC Bingo

November 12 – All Centers Closed, Veteran’s Day

November 13 – MRSLEC Vaccine Clinic

November 13 – USC lunch at Ponderosa

November 14 – MRSLEC Presentation, MU Psych Department 11:00. Bingo at 1:00.

November 15 – MRSLEC Bowling Field Trip – Cost is $5.00

November 15 – USC Advisory Board Meeting 11:00

November 20 – MRSLEC Field Trip to Ashland Mall 11:00, USC Bingo

November 22 – CCCSO Centers Closed, Happy Thanksgiving

November 27 – USC Humana BINGO

November 30 – MRSLEC Game Day

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